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Eabat Essential

Essential Aroma based astro therapeutic grade personal care products

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Nature make
people happy.

“Plant Experts across a variety of plant care topics to inspire confidence in the next generation of plant parents. Welcome to Plant Parenthood™.

Welcome to Eabat Essential

Nature make people happy

We want to have a good look at our products which has the blend of pure natural essential oils that we have developed. It takes out all the negativity from you and helps to combat negativity which makes you happy and relaxed

We truly believe on the thought that enrich inner life to shore up true wealth. Each of us lives two seperate lives, outer and inner. It is not enough to have a fancy outer life,with a large house, car and a fat bank balance, You need to also have a rich inner life filled with meaning and purpose. We do come across people who have nothing much in material term but who are very happy because they enjoy a rich spiritual inner life.

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Free Shipping

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24/7 Delicated Support

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Money Back

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